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Revista Interamericana de Cardiología (RIAC) is an international scientific journal dedicated to cardiovascular diseases. It is the official publication and scientific dissemination organ of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology. It is a quarterly publication, open access, in Spanish and English.

The RIAC's main mission is the dissemination of original and innovative scientific knowledge in the field of cardiology, in order to contribute to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine in the American continent and worldwide.
Our goal is to publish high-quality articles based on blind peer review. RIAC publishes original articles, systematic and non-systematic reviews, letters to the editor and scientific letters, and special sections in the area of cardiovascular medicine.

We are governed by ethical and professional values that promote integrity, honesty, and transparency throughout the editorial process. Likewise, we are committed to guaranteeing the quality and originality of the articles we publish, through a rigorous and objective review by experts in the field of cardiology and related disciplines.

Current Issue:

Vol.1 Num.2

Volume 1, Number 2

Original articles:

Franco Oliveto-Hernández, Camila Antonietta, Franco Marino, Juan M. Domínguez, Gerardo Zapata, Fernando Bagnera

Risk predictors for the development of acute heart failure in individuals admitted for atrial fibrillation

Santiago Decotto, Mercedes Pérez-Ponsa, Rodrigo Bagnati, Manuel Chiodi, Nicolás Sultano, Corina Nemirovsky, Alberto Domenech, Rocio Blanco, Florencia Parcerisa, Rodolfo Pizarro

Prosthetic valve infective endocarditis: clinical features and outcomes in a third-level center in Argentina

Juan Salazar, Mayela Bracho, Carlos Esis, Soledad Briceño, Douglas Inciarte, Eglé Silva

Pharmacological initiation and sequence for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: perspective of Venezuelan cardiologists

Review articles:

Jesús E. Aparicio, Endher Castillo, Fabiana Valbuena, Ángela Vásquez

Marfan syndrome and aortic disease

Clinical Cases:

Daniel A. Montero-Farías, Brayan P. Carrión-Ruiz, Sara Peralta-Merelo, Omar Medina-Campozano, Diana Yépez-Ramos, Sandra K. Mejía-Michay

Massive tricuspideal insufficiency due to rupture of the papillary muscle secondary to closed thoracic trauma

Lenin Tumbaco, Noelia Mastandrea, Eduardo Ibaceta, Bruno Guarino, Ricardo Pérez-de la Hoz

Lipomatous metaplasia: a poorly recognized entity of myocardial infarction

Carolina I. Vega-Cuéllar, Juan Hurtado, José Aguirre, Juan de Dios-González

Stellate ganglion block in the management of arrhythmic storm in Chagas cardimyopathy