Revista Interamericana de Cardiología (RIAC) is an international scientific journal dedicated to cardiovascular diseases. It is the official publication and scientific dissemination organ of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology. It is a quarterly publication, open access, in Spanish and English.

The RIAC's main mission is the dissemination of original and innovative scientific knowledge in the field of cardiology, in order to contribute to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine in the American continent and worldwide.
Our goal is to publish high-quality articles based on blind peer review. RIAC publishes original articles, systematic and non-systematic reviews, letters to the editor and scientific letters, and special sections in the area of cardiovascular medicine.

We are governed by ethical and professional values that promote integrity, honesty, and transparency throughout the editorial process. Likewise, we are committed to guaranteeing the quality and originality of the articles we publish, through a rigorous and objective review by experts in the field of cardiology and related disciplines.

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